[Photo of Craig by Ian Smith, Haldir from New Line Cinema and Pierre Vinet.]

"The very cute, cuddly, perfectly formed Mr. Parker." -Theresa Healey, Great Celebrity Debate 2001.

Kia Ora, Mae Govannen and Welcome to all who come to learn a little more about this warm and charming actor.
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    • Please Note: that while there are a couple of fan pages on Facebook about Craig Parker, Craig himself doesn't not have a personal Facebook page nor does he Twitter.

    Taken from Craig Parker- Speakers New Zealand. From around 2003:
    It can be expected that his newly won fame will not change Craig as a private person. He already has experienced the fact that the press sometimes tends to alter stories and quotes as they see fit.
    "A quote can be made to mean anything and in their photo sections there's a lot of innuendo. When that first happens you worry about how people who don't know the situation will read it, how your family will be affected by it", he says. This is why, as Craig puts it, he handles the media with a good deal of "healthy distrust".
    "It really pays to keep your private self for the people you like and love. It does me no favours at all to reveal my personal life to people who read magazines."

    Just a note, though I am a casual friend of his, I am not in direct contact with him and do not have any addresses or personal information pertaining to him. I have a regular job and can not update this site on a regular basis. I will put up some photos of our get togethers at Dragon Con from time to time. I leave the site up for all the classic photos here.

    The first time I saw Craig was in the stage play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, May 2001.

    Please keep in mind that Craig does not ever go to fansites, chatrooms, message boards nor does he email his fans. If anyone claims to be him within a chatroom, email or message board it is an imposter.

    A little about Craig:

    Craig Parker was born in Suva, Fiji(South Pacific island), November 12, 1970. He resided in New Zealand where he worked as an actor and debating team member on various celebrity debates. He also took part in various events in New Zealand, including many charity fund raising events and works voice overs for Nz TV commercials. He has been entertaining and meeting fans a various Lord of the Rings related conventions while doing an occasional play, movie and tv show. He is currently in the the show Reign on the CW network.


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    "Fiji blazed on, words coup were still pronounced with a 'p' and used to keep chickens in it.""What need did we have of marriage, we had tans.""Suddenly the cry of sanctity of marriage echoed across the land. Banished were the 'Young and the Restless', 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. And so, 'The Days of Our Lives' were changed forever. Coincidentally enough, it was the same time my parents decided to come to New Zealand. In a decision I can only put down to a hurried, late night flight and too many gins, my parents decided to settle in Glenfield. Here, the story might very well ended. Me, doomed to a life of suburban mediocricy, married with 2.4 children, with only the remains of a fading tan, my fire extinguished forever. However, destiny, she moves in mysterious ways. For it was here I met my great life teacher, my wise woman, my mentor, Rachel Hunter.""We settled into our classroom, remidial woodwork, I working on my spice rack, Rachel working out what a ruler did."- Craig Parker, Great Comedy Debate 1999 (It is better to marry than to burn, negative team) from audio tape bought from the Northshore Libraries Foundation.

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