Me(Janet Sella) with Craig at Dragon Con 2014.

More photos are at the bottom of this page. Including photos of costume and prop items I own from Hercules and Xena, some photos of me and the band members I've met and something from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern program.


This is a site set up by a fan for the fans and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Craig Parker or his management. It is an Unofficial site set up by a fan that first fell in love with his acting on stage in the ATC's Production of Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" in May 2001. This site is gossip and rumor free and believes highly in protecting Craig's private life and will never discuss it. He is a kind, warm, charming and friendly man and a great and talented actor and comedian and that is all you really need to know to love him. All information obtained here is confirmed by a friend with contact to Craig. I will not post any news without hearing it from my sources. The place of birth for Craig was confirmed by him at the Great Debates and in person to me in Queenstown. His birth date is confirmed by his appearance at Ring*Con 2002 when Mark Ferguson lead a chorus of Happy Birthday to him in November. The correct birth date is November 12, 1970 and he was born in Suva, Fiji, a South Pacific Island. I mention this due to a couple of older sites with errors on that date.

I first set this site up as a part of a main site called Auckland Adventures 2001. After returning from New Zealand in June 2001 I went searching for web sites about Craig. After finding very little beyond the IMDB, within Shortland Street sites and some tiny listings on LOTR character sites, I decided to make a page just for Craig and another kiwi actor/director, Oliver Driver. I first set up the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern page in June 2001 and after I had received the video tape copy of the Great Celebrity Debate from Queenstown 2001, I made video captures and set up that page in September 2001. A friend living in New Zealand at the time was able to get me the tape she got from the TV. Then came another debate in Wellington and the release of LOTR in theatres. Being a Michael (Iolaus) Hurst fan for years, this site was meant to be more for his current projects past Hercules and Xena. Since Craig went on to do Mercy Peak, I had more content on him, than on Michael. Now you can keep up with Michael and his wife at Michael Hurst Now.com and Jennifer Ward-Lealand.com.

After the release of LOTR, so many people were unsure of Haldir. They felt he was very cold and haunty and they felt the same about the actor who played him. They seemed to have made a judgment based upon a minute's worth of footage and knowing nothing about Craig's other work. I then set up the main site that is now Craig Parker, the Actor Behind Haldir on January 5, 2002. It wasn't until after the Ring*Con 2002 that Craig's popularity started to soar based on the hits to the site I started to get. So many that my initial bandwidth allotment was over run within one week. And after LOTR Two Towers opened, it was over run again as more and more people fell in love with Haldir. I then bought a domain with more GIG's of bandwidth to keep the site from being shut down due to using too much bandwidth. I couldn't think of a domain name beyond my own net nick. I couldn't bring myself to use Craig's name since it didn't feel right to me. So, jmsstyxnyes it was.

The net nick comes from three things. 1. jms are my initials 2. styx is for the rock band Styx(with Dennis DeYoung) 3. yes is for the rock band Yes, who I've known and adored for years. After getting the domain name and new site space and bandwidth, I found Craig was getting over 500 hits a day for a long time. People now knew and loved Craig as I did :)

Today there are many that were put up in admiration of Craig and Haldir. I just hope that they be respectful not pry into his private life. And if any images are used from my site, that permission is first obtained.


Some of the photos here are from personal collections and should not be used or sold in anyway without the permission of the photos' owner. I myself put up photos from Queenstown , Winterfest, Toronto Gathering and Dragon Con '04. They are considered by me copyrighted by me and Craig Parker. The photos from Ring*Con 2002 belong to Elisabeth Mueller and Ian Smith and their contact info is on the Ring*Con page and they are the ones to contact for permission. The Oscar photos are from various people and the main ones are from Rebecca Kirkland and Bruce Hopkins and should not be used anywhere. These are special photos that they allow me to post on Craig's site and their wishes should be respected or I may not put any new ones up and there are more to come from future conventions and get togethers.

As for the screen captures on the various pages, they are done by me using Pinnacle's Studio DC 10 plus video card and software. I then clean up all photos in both Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 7.02 and Ulead's PhotoImpact 8. The thumbnails are made using a program called Easy Thumbnails available from Download.com. Since most anyone can make video captures, these images can be used on other sites after telling me about it and giving me a link or credit for doing them since I do more than just snap them. It takes time to clean them up.


I am someone with a full time job and no time for real site building learning. For a long time I've used one technique and have no plans to change the way I set up my sites. I taught myself with books on how to code HTML in text format. I use Notepad to write up the page, save it in html format and then preview it before it goes to the web space. At that time I make corrections to the coding. I'm known as a typo queen, though Bruce Hopkins can give me a run for my money ;) LOL. I then copy and paste into my file manager at my Tripod site manager and upload the photos. I work with an older computer from 2000 and it is limited and slow. It doesn't like the new Java and Flash sites on the web. I'm also on dial-up connect making it take forever for one of them fancy sites to load up. I'm quite happy with my simple approach to web building and am now teaching Bruce Hopkins how to do it (the blind leading the blind LOL). But with this simple approach, I also can keep the load in time for each page down to a minimum. By using thumbnails to load on a main page, it comes up much quicker and is very helpful to someone using an older computer such as I am. I love the looks of the newer sites, but I could never learn to do them. I've tried program based editors and just couldn't understand them and with my real life job, I have no time to learn. If it works, don't fix it, so this site, along with Bruce's Official site, will maintain this look. I do update it and try to organize it when I can, but so far the results are fine with me and Bruce Hopkins and even Craig Parker.


I live in Florida USA. I work at a local newspaper in the Packaging and Distribution department and have been doing so for over 20 years. I took concert photography for a friend of mine that knows the bands and managements. She has gotten me backstage and photo passes for Yes, Moody Blues, Styx/Kansas, Jethro Tull, Asia and Peter Gabriel. I am an ammeter photographer, but have had my photos published in a couple of newsletters including Michael Hurst's Official Fan Club. I got into the web in '97 after my job offered a discount ISP through Infinet. I chose my net nick after a long and hard time trying to come with one. As I am a huge fan of Yes, I wanted to use them in my nick, but JMSYES just didn't sound right and not many would associate the Yes with the group. So, I had just come off the Florida tour with Styx,(as a fan, not part of the crew) and decided to use Jmsstyx as my first net nick. I started becoming involved with the Michael Hurst fandom after watching him on Hercules and Xena. I joined my first ever fan club for him and became involved with it deeply. I did manipulations for the Fan Club Newsletters that Michael got to read. When I went to my second Xena Convention, the first to see Kevin Smith in Orlando, I met Michael for the first time. This was in 2000 in Pasadena, California and I was all prepared to tell him I was the one doing his fan club newsletters artwork on the front covers, but he had already known that since he read every issue cover to cover. At that con I was able to obtain fourth row seats and got some of the greatest photos I've ever gotten outside the concert arena. I then went to the Valley Forge Con and it was there me and my online friends made plans to travel down to New Zealand to see Michael in his return to the stage in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. There were five of us that gathered at LAX from across the USA. We went down on May 9 and stayed to the end of the play's run. We were able to get front row and stage seating for most all the six performances we saw. During our stay in New Zealand we were able to catch the final auction at the Turner's Xena/Hercules/Jack of all Trades/Cleo 2525 auction for costumes and jewelry. Listed on the main page are most of the props and cossies I own. They are authentic and are kept in a safe enviroment with me. A couple do have Craig's name on them and some I just recognized from his wearing them during the episodes. Some items are doubles or stunties. They are all expertly crafted by the people who worked on the Lord of the Rings costumes and props. My items were obtain through the main Turner Auction in New Zealand, private dealers in New Zealand and Yahoo Auctions for It's A Wrap Hollywood. Don't even ask if these items will ever be for sale ;), they are with me to stay, but I do like to share and when I'm at a convention with Michael Hurst, Craig Parker or Bruce Hopkins, I will bring them for other fans to see. Except for the weapons, unless I drive to the con. I could just see the look on airport security's face when they see a large medievil sword going through the x-ray machine LOL.

We also took in some of the fantastic New Zealand sites including Rotorua and a Maori show and Hangi at one of the villages. But it was during Rosencrantz and Guildenstern my biggest memories would come from. I had gone to see Michael and never expected to fall in love with two other kiwi actors that I had never heard of before, but I did :) They were Craig Parker and Oliver Driver. I've been their fan since that first night at the play and plan to be for a long time to come. Oliver is more a director at the ATC and Craig is everywhere in TV ad voice overs, large NZ movies ;), and a weekly TV series that surprisingly, even kiwis love to watch :).

I met Craig face to face in 2002 at Queenstown's Winterfestival. It was there me, my friend and Craig talked about almost everything and I learned what a truly warm and charming man he is. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time for the race, having planned to spend a day up there. Things just happened. Today, I know Craig as a causual friend. Though I have no direct contact to Craig, we always find some private time for catch up when we get together for conventions. Last one, the Gathering of the Fellowship '06. I do have reliable contacts to Craig that keep me updated to what Craig is currently doing.

After returning to the US that first year, I was back to the convention scene with Michael Hurst. In August 2001 I was invited to go on stage with my friends to surprise Michael with the quilt I had designed and helped to make that was to be raffled online to benefit TAPAC (The Auckland Performing Arts Center). TAPAC is set to open July 4, 2003 and I will be there along with my friends. Photos from events I attend will be forth coming to this site in July 2003.

YOU CAN E-MAIL ME AT:jmsstyxnyes@jmsstyxnyes.com


Back in November of 2002 Bruce Hopkins contacted me through my work on Craig's site and I volunteered to organize a site for him. Since then, the site has grown to include many photos from the conventions Bruce is starting to do and the most current information regarding the Los Angeles Reading program, Operation Read.

I am in no way a pro at this and there is no way I would charge someone for this work. We have had great response to it not only from the fans, but also from professionals in the movie field. We keep it up to date and Bruce is very involved with the site and does most of the write up on the pages. I do the Current Events page and the Updates.


These photos are copyrighted by me and are not to be used on other sites. The Michael Hurst MN con photos of me and Michael were taken by friends in the audience. The photos of me and various rock stars were taken by Christine Holz. If you would like more info on Christine's news letter, Music News Network, please visit her site. She covers all forms of progressive rock from today and yesterday, including groups such as Yes, Asia, Dream Theater, Marillion, The Flower Kings and much much more.

Michael Hurst and me on stage at the Minnesota Convention August 2001. I was showing Michael the finished quilt that was to be raffled off to benefit TAPAC. He had signed the center square the year before. Michael holding the quilt. He had turned to me and said I want one, so we made him a smaller version of the quilt. My best photo of Michael at the MN Con. My Orestes prop vest from It's a Wrap Hollywood. This vest is marked Iolaus, but could have been worn by Michael's stunt/body double. The costumes were designed by Ngila Dickson and her team. Michael Hurst and his wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand surrounded by the representives of the American and Worldwide friends of Michael Hurst. This was taken by the Yamaha piano the group bought for TAPAC(The Auckland Performing Arts Center) from the fundraising they do for the center. They also furnished the kitchen. (l-r) Janet (jmsstyxnyes), Ellen A, Sue, Jennifer, Michael, Beth, Ellen R., (seated) Kathleen. Photo taken by Bruce Hopkins, property of JMSSTYXNYES.
Alan White of Yes and me backstage in 1994 on Yes' Talk Tour. Photo taken by Christine Holz. Chris Squire of Yes backstage after the Talk Tour '94 signing my Yestival '94 banner I made of all the Yes logos. Photo by Christine Holz. Geoff Downes of Asia and formally of Yes and the Buggles in the meeting room for Yestival '98 as we prepare for the Festival. He stopped by to donate a Drama tour jacket he owned. Photo by Christine Holz. Patrick Moraz formally of Yes and the Moody Blues, now a solo artist and me at one of his solo performances, shortly after his departure from the Moody Blues. Photo by Christine Holz. Rick Wakeman of Yes and me after a benefit performance he did with various artists including Patrick Moraz, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Wolf Man Jack in 1991. The concert was for 'Give the Kids the World' a charity for terminaly ill children whose big wish is to go to Disney World. Photo by my Mum.
The banner I made with fabric paint and other mediums that the whole band signed in '94 during the Talk Tour. Photo by jmsstyxnyes. Tony Levin of Peter Gabriel's band (bass player) and who has worked with the Yes incarnation, ABWH with me backstage before Peter's Secret World Tour. He knew my friend and invited us backstage. We later ran into Peter, but since he was running late, we only stopped him to say a quick Hi. Photo by Christine Holz. Me and Tommy Shaw of Styx in '96 during the Return to Paradise Theater tour. Photo by Paul, a friend of Christine Holz and mine. Photo of Styx during the Return to Paradise Theater Tour '96. I took my best concert shots at both the West Palm Beach and Tampa, Florida shows. Photo by jmsstyxnyes.
This is a photo of the Bellerophon Sword I own. There were many made for stunts and doubles, the one I own is made of cast alumimun and would have been used more for close ups and usually in the scabbard Craig wore for the costume. It is a very heavy sword and can do damage although it is not made of metal, the under layer is heavy resin. This image shows Craig on horse back with the hilt of the sword just showing. This would have been the sword I have, used just for show and not to fight with. There is one other sword like mine that I know of, so I can not make the claim that mine is the one Craig used, but Bellerophon did use it ;) This is a dagger I own, one of several made and one simular to what Bellerophon used against Xena. Mine is not the one Craig used as I can tell by it's markings, but it is a very nice prop to have. An image of Bellerophon using the dagger against Xena's throat.
An image of King Cleades and Queen Gryphia showing the crowns and the ring I own. This is one of the three rings I own of this style. One or two of them were worn by Craig in Key to the Kingdom. One can be seen in the previous photo. He is wearing another one on his other hand though I can not confirm it is the same style. This ring was either on his other hand or used as a back up to the one he did wear. It was all hand crafted by the props department and is made of a gold painted metal and a purple glass. This is the ring I believe Craig is wearing in the episode Key to the Kingdom. It is made simlar to the other three. The King Cleades Crown I got from a New Zealand dealer that was also at the Turner Auctions. This was also worn by other characters during the run of the series. I've spotted it on Queen Nyriana in 'Long Live the King' and a princess in 'Stranger in a Strange World'. It has seen some wear and I have repaired the missing pieces.
Lucius' gauntlets from Young Hercules. These are not marked and I know there is another pair out there, these could have been Craig's or his stunt double. The markings are very similar to Craig's, though I've seen a photo of the other pair and they also match, props department did an excellent job in making the stuntie and actor's props match. This is one of two spoons I have that closely resemble the ones used in Mommy Dearest from Young Hercules. The one sat on the table and the other Craig used. There are no markings so I can't claim it is Craig's, but it is a unique style and it does match the episode photos. An image of Craig as Lucius holding the spoon and wearing the gauntlets.
An image of Craig as Sarpedon from For Him the Bell Tolls. This belt is marked with both Sarpedon and Craig's name, though his name is faded a bit, it is still readable. This is also identified by the markings of the resin in the design. I also own the double belt that seemed to have never been used, they are identical but there are slight differances in the placement of the resin pieces. This is one of several swords used for Sarpedon and was also used for Cleades at the end of the episode, though that one seemed to be metal. The one I own is a stunt sword made of hard resin and would have been used for fight scenes. The paint was redone for another episode, but parts of the bronze/copper paint still shows through. This is an image of Craig as Sarpedon and Ted Raimi as Joxer fighting with the sword. This image came from a magazine.
These are the pants Craig wore as Sarpedon, though they got little air time, he was wearing them under the white robe. These are marked with his name along with character name and episode id number. They are of a silky/cotton material. This is the jacket/robe Craig wore as Sarpedon. It is creme in color and has fancy beading and embroidery on it. The tag has Craig's name and the character name on it along with the episode number. A full shot of the jacket/robe. This costume piece was bought in New Zealand from a private dealer that orginally obtained it from the Turner's Xena Auction in 2001.
This is one of the jewlery props I got from my lot from Turners Auction, it is one of a pair of beaded gauntlets. I have not identified where they were used or who wore them, but they are a great piece of work from the costume department. I also have a matching necklace. This was worn by an amazon, it is on a piece of leather strap and was worn in different costumes. It is made of pewter and is made to resemble a Maori Mania. The Turner's Auction held for Hercules/Xena/Jack of All Trades/Cleopatra 2525 in Auckland New Zealand May 16, 2001. This is where only part of the costumes were stored, there were tons of stuff to look through and find in the two preview days.
This is the page from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's program from the ATC showing Craig Parker and Oliver Driver. This is the gator living in my backyard canal on and off that I told Craig about. I live on the doorstep of the Everglades in South Florida. Bruce Hopkins with Web Master for his site and this one, Janet (Jmsstyxnyes) in Auckland. Thanks to Rebecca Kirkland for taking the photo. Photo property of Jmsstyxnyes.
Me with the Dragon Con LOTR group. (l-r)Sala Baker(Sauron), Craig, Donna(Craig's liason), Me(Bruce's liason), Bruce Hopkins(Gamling).

While in New Zealand, 2001, I was able to attend the Turner's Xena studio warehouse auction. All items below are owned by me and are authentic props from the show. Some items had duplicates made for stunts and second unit work. I have one of several Bellerphon and Sarpedon swords made of resin.

Craig Parker items from Xena/Young Herc I own:
Two rings from King Cleades-Key to the Kingdom/ Spoon used by Lucious-Young Herc episode, Mommy Dearest/ Second belt used for backup for Prince Sarpedon-For Him the Bell Tolls/ Crown for King Cleades-Key to the Kingdom(crown has been used for other Herc characters)/Sarpedon's cream jacket(robe)-For Him the Bell Tolls/ Sarpedon's trousers(both Craig's and the stunt)-For Him the Bell Tolls/Sarpedon's shoes-For Him the Bell Tolls/Lucius' gauntlets-Young Hercules episodes Mommy Dearest and Dad Likes Me Best.

Props I have used by other characters:
Tierra worn by Princess Ileandra-For Him the Bell Tolls/Shoes worn by King Braus-For Him the Bell Tolls/King Orestes vest(gold one used in first half of episode)-Long Live the King/Widow Twanky(dance double) long blue skirt-...And Fancy Free and/or Men in Pink/Arch Angel Michael (double) white skirt-Revelations/nautical hat for Robert Trebor's character-Yes Virgina there is a Hercules/Tie-dye cafgan used by the extra to fight Iolaus-Lost City/Alcmene's wedding necklace-Wedding of Alcmene/Serena's necklace-My Best Girl's Wedding/Demietrias neck piece-Mother of All Monsters/shawl used by an extra-Callisto/Queen Melissa's(Lisa Chappel)shoes-War Bride/M'lila's necklace-Destiny (Xena episode)/set dressings mock red dried fruit-possibly For Him the Bell Tolls/various Amazon jewlery used for both shows/ The Crown Of Athena worn by the young Gyphia-Key to the Kingdom/Nebula's skirt wrap-Stranger and Stranger.