This was the first time I got to meet Craig and it was a most memorable experience. We got the chance to chat about a lot of different things both in the Lodge area and on the slopes. He was very charming and I felt a lot warmer up there on that snow covered mountain.

He has since wrote me to tell me how much he is flattered and blown away by this site. He told me he is nervous about going to web sites about himself, but going to this site was made easier since he had met me and come to know a little about me.

These are some photos I took at the events , the ski race and raft race, during the Queenstown Winterfestival 2002, along with some nice Queenstown photos. These are from my personal photo collection and it would be appriecated if they weren't used on other web sites or groups. Thanks. All photos taken by Janet (jmsstyxnyes).

A day on the ski slope on Coronet Peak:

Craig and Rebecca Hobbs hang around while waiting to ski their races. Craig looks over to Rebecca, his race compeditor, to see if she was ready. Rebecca was skiing with a broken hand and no poles. Craig starts his race while Rebecca has long past him, I think he let her win ;) Craig looks out as he waits for the start Craig waits for his race to start

At the raft race event in Queenstown:

Craig walks back after the raft race along with some friends. Before the race, Craig showed Rebecca Hobbs(out of photo frame) his temporary design on his hand. Remembering their Xena days, Craig and Rebecca engage in a raft paddle fight. Craig started it when he popped Rebecca on the butt with his paddle ;). It ended when she clipped him on the finger. They were really having fun as we all were :). The celeb team gathers and prepares for their raft race, Craig hands out the paddles. Note Craig's no shoes, parker or anything warm. I was there, it was about 30* or lower and the water had to be like ice. He must love the cold ;)

The town of Queenstown and the ski slope of Coronet Peak, it really is a part of Middle Earth:

Queenstown from the observation deck of the Gondola. The town doesn't have any traffic lights, just roundabouts. It is so lovely there. Overlooking the Lake right in front of my hotel, in the background in the Earnslow, a steam boat that tours around the Lake. Coronet Peak ski Lodge and ski feilds. I was about the only one up there without skies, I had what was known as a 'footie pass' :) I was amazed, I never fell once and wasn't ran into by all the skiers around me. The Remarkables Mountain Range in Queenstown, New Zealand. This mountain range was seen throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy.