Missed meetings and great once in a lifetime experiances:
I went out to see Return of the King win the big one and to see Hollywood on its biggest night. I also went to meet up with Bruce and Craig. After arriving 3 days early, I set out to the red carpet and the Kodak Theatre to see the preperations. Got some photos and walked around the shopping complex trying hard not to buy anything ;). That night I went over to the Improv and saw a great show featuring Ryan Stiles of Whose Line is it Anyway and the Drew Carry show. He did a version of what I know as Theatresports. Very funny :) After that it was go to the Kodak each day to see the progress made on getting the red carpet ready and to see the little Oscar guys standing behind glass at the exhibit 'And the Oscar Goes to...' Little did I know at that time how close I'd come to the real thing :) I ran into some fans that I had known from the Fan Club Board and from Toronto Gathering. Sorry I don't remember your names, but I have always been bad with names and remembering. Friday of that weekend I went over to Tezlaff Middle School to cover Bruce Hopkins' appearance at the school for his web site, along with Sala Baker, Lawrence Makoare and Royd Tolkien (Great Grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien). They were there to treat the kids to a question and answer panel much like a con. The kids had signed up with Project Read and had read the books and did projects about the books. Photos of this event will be at Bruce's official site as soon as I get to working on it ;).

On Sunday morning I went down to see the final red carpet area. It was filling with fans on all sides of the intersection of Highland and Hollywood. I got some final shots, stood near a lady with Radion Nz broadcasting live via cell phone and helped the fans chant Peter Jackson. I then left to get back to the hotel to get ready for TORN's party.
After walking up one block from our hotel, we went into the VIP tent and found we were in an open air tent with temps in the 50's. As my friends shivered, I soaked it all in being from Florida and always being hot. We watched and cheered louder with every award that ROTK won. After the big one was given out, we waited patiently for the arrival of the winners and our friends, Bruce Hopkins and Craig Parker. Finally a friend of ours and the boyz came in and said the boyz were on their way, that she knew of.
First to come in was John Rhys-Davies. Then Elijah and Dom came in fast and I missed any photo opertunity. My friend got some with her digital camera. I later found out my SLR's shutter had failed in the dark and the shots didn't come out right. I will be retiring my old work horse. After the hobbits came Ngila Dickson, this was a big moment for us as we own many of her costumes from Hercules and Xena. Then came more and more Oscars including Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. As more came in, a group came in waving theirs while the one had his by his side. My friend said to him we never get tired of seeing those guys (the Oscars) and he automatically handed the award to her and took her camera saying hold it high. He snapped a photo (thank God he grabbed her digital and not my SLR that was failing), and I was standing right next to her as she held it. ( It turned out to be Hammond Peek of Sound Editing.) Something I could only dream of happening :) In fact I had teased our group early on that it would be a great thing to get to hold an Oscar if Bruce introduced us to some of the winners.
After everyone had entered the tent and headed to the backstage area, we were still waiting on Bruce and Craig who were to be there by then. We found our other friend again and she was not sure what happened to them either. We later found out that they were told to go to the wrong party first, the New Line Party and then to TORN. By the time they found out they went to the wrong place first, it was too late to get a ride. Traffic was snarled and limos were booked. At the end of the night we saw Lawrence Makoare and after I got a great photo with him, we asked him if he had seen Bruce. He said he arrived with Bruce and that Bruce was outside at the photo banner. As we got out there, TORN staffers were taking his photo on the stand where the press had earlier took shots of PJ and gang. Bruce saw us and gave us all a big hug and kiss and we tried to talk, but he was quickly called away to go on stage to make an appearance at the party before it shut down. We went into the main hall and got to see a great Haka done by Bruce, Sala, and Lawrence. If you haven't seen a haka live, you must get to Nz and see one done by the Moari. :) After that, security was pushing everyone out. Bruce wasn't gonna be pushed around so easily, so to talk to us, he jumped off stage and then the fans gathered around him. He walked out the main door with everyone as security was shooing everyone out. Bruce was still trying to talk to us as fans hung around him and he took photos with them. It was a quick meeting and we got nothing done, but it was a most memorable experiance :) It turned out Craig never got a ride from New Line party and missed TORN all together. Oh well, next convention, I'm sure we will get together again. It was like in Nz in 2003, we missed each other due to his filming on Mercy Peak, but we had a nice chat at Toronto's Gathering of the Fellowship. So I figure this missed meeting will lead to something even better the next con I can get to that he does. Unless he plans to be in Nz in June and see Michael Hurst's MacBeth, then I'll see him there ;)


These are photos from the Web Team of Bruce-Hopkins.com and Rebecca Kirkland.
If you are in one of the photos, please contact me at jmsstyxnyes@jmsstyxnyes.com so I can add your name.
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Peter Jackson holds up his award while talking with fans at the TORN Party. Photo property of Jmsstyxnyes (camera had a slight malfunction, thus the poor quality). Costume Designer and Oscar Award Winner Ngila Dickson walks into the VIP tent at the TORN party holding her Oscar. I own some of Ngila's costumes from the TV shows Hercules and Xena, including Prince Sarpedon that was worn by Craig. Photos of these costumes are on my Site Info page. Photo Propery of Jmsstyxnyes. Donna, Rebecca and Craig in the hotel as they get ready for the NZ Investment Party Feb. 27th. Craig looks mighty fine dressed up :) Photo Property of Rebecca Kirkland. Me and Lawrence Makoare, Lurtz along with other Orcs and characters, at the TORN party. He is such a sweet man and very nice to cuddle up to for a photo ;). Photo courtesy of Jmsstyxnyes.