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Photo by Rebecca Kirkland and cropped down by Jmsstyxnyes.

Craig Parker and Bruce Hopkins in Los Angeles. While there they went to several parties including TORN. Here are some photos from fans and Rebecca Kirkland of Oracle Productions, who was also the one responsible for arranging to have Craig at the parties.
Craig in the hotel lobby going over to meet with some fans. Photo courtesy of Sandy/Overlithe. Craig with Alyse Pozzo and Rob Cone of Onering.net. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kirkland/Oracle. Rebecca was the lady who arranged for Craig to be at the Oscar Parties. Craig with Jincey and Arathorn at the TORN party. Craig with Ian (the wonderful photographer who took these :) ) pretending to be interviewed. Photo courtesy of Ian Smith.
Susan (Moocholas) interviews Craig at the TORN party. Susan and Craig talking at TORN party. Craig with Dom in a crowd at the TORN party. Craig helps clean up a broken glass that someone left on the table then got knocked over. He is always helping out :).
A photo from Bruce Hopkins' digital camera of Andy Serkis, Dom, Bruce, Billy, Craig at the pre Oscar's Party in Beverly Hills." A photo from Rebecca Kirkland. Craig, Bruce and Paul Vioght(of Investment New Zealand) at the Vice Roy Hotel.

Here are links to the reports from fans and TORN. Ian Smith has a great report mentioning Craig and some ever greater photos to go along with it. He also has some very nice shots of Bruce.
GOOD MORNING SHOW, 4-07-03 ON NZ TVONE.(transcript, as best as I could get it)

This is from Craig on the Good Morning Show in New Zealand. A kiwi version of Good Morning America. This transcript has been corrected with more of what was said from a better copy of the audio I obtained. Video Captures coming soon.

Mary-"Ok, Craig Parker is gonna have the last word on my boots. Hello Mr. Craig."
Craig-"Hello Mary, how are you?"
Mary-"Ok, cause I know you're a man of what, inpeckable taste."
Craig-"Ah, bless you. I think they're fantastic boots. "
Mary-"Thank you very much, now if you'd like to show your shoes to the world. Just on the table is fine."
Craig-"White shoes they're coming back."
Mary-"They're coming back. Here we are, this is not a set up either. No? I think you'd look good in these (her high heal white boots)"
Craig-"I can't walk in heals Mary."
Mary-"You can't?"
Craig-"Fall over and break the neck."
Mary-"Yeah, but you've done a bit of the Rocky Horror action?" Craig-"Yeah, but I kept my shoes on."
Mary-"Did you?"
Craig-"I didn't get to wear any of that stuff."

Mary:-"You were talking about America, weren't you in America recently?"
Craig:-"Yeah I just went over recently for the Oscars. Last weekend was it?"
Mary:-"Ah, just for the Oscars, tell us the story there. Did the tourism board invite you or something?"
Craig-"Um, no there's a web site called Onering.net, which is a Lord of the Rings fan site. They invited me over for a party and then I made it to other parties."
Mary-"Oh all right, come on, details, what was that like?"
Craig-"It was fantastic, limosines and movie stars and flash parties and things."
Mary-"Even though it slightly more subdued this year?"
Craig-"It was, people were partying, but there was an amazing tension and political fear there at the moment. People are terrified of saying the wrong thing. As you saw at the Oscars, Mike Moore has his speech, and the front three rows of movie stars are sitting there going, if I clap, it's my movie deal gone. You know, I've lost 20 million bucks. So, people are afraid to actually speak out against the war because it's un American...it's precieved as Unamerican, undipolmatic... "
Mary-"So did you actually go to the ceremony?"
Craig-"No, we were going to, then um..."
Mary-"You thought four hours, no thanks?"
Craig-"...invited to another party, we could watch it and drink."
Mary-"So these parties go on and on and on?
Craig-"Absolutely, all the time."
Mary-"Yeah, and the got great big monitors there? People can see the action."
Craig-"Yeah, that was much more fun."
Mary-"Who did you talk to, meet famous people?"
Craig-"A couple, Christopher Walken was at one of the parties. He's a great...I'm a fan of his, so I plucked up courage and I went over and said 'Hello" and said 'I love you' and walked away."
Mary-"Aw that was nice and modest of you."
Mary-"Just a simple I love you. "
Craig-"Yeah, you don't want to make him feel uncomforable. Um, Jane Fonda was there..."
Mary-"Oh, how's Jane?"
Craig-"I don't like to drop names Mary."
Mary-"There's nothing wrong with name dropping, that's fine."
Craig-"But, uh, it was bizzard, very strange."
Mary-"Did you get to speak with any agents?"
Craig-"Um, my agent was there, so I spoke to her quite a bit."

Mary (laughs)-I can't understand next line from Mary
Craig-"yeah, she was there doing some work anyways."
Next they talk of Oscars and Hollywood:

Craig-"It's so surreal. The money and the plastic surgery there, no one's ugly, all their life..."
Mary-"They all look the same, do they?"
Craig-"All fantastic."
Mary-"Is that actually because they've all had the sort of the face lifts?"
Craig-"They all have 20 dead cows in every person. You know, there's so much Botox. "
Mary-"And of course with the Botox, there's not a lot of expressions going on."
Craig-"No, they're sorta like this..."
Mary-"Were you tempted while you were there?"
Craig-"To have a quick botox, no, ..."
Mary-"Quick injection?"
Craig-"something would go wrong and I'd be a stroke victim for the rest of my life."
Mary-"They'll probably do it on the side walk, grab a coffee, grab an injection and away you go. God."
Craig- (laughs)
Mary-"So you're still buzzing after being in Two Towers, cause you had a big part, didn't you?"
Craig-"Ah, it's a very small part. Very small part."
Mary-"No it's not. You had beautiful long hair."
Craig-"I had a nice death, I was very greatful to Peter for giving me a nice death. But ah,"
Mary-(laughs) "Hey, tell me about that hair, cause it was just the other day I found out how much that hair was worth."
Craig-"Quite expensive,(wig makers name(?)) who are these beautiful wig makes, who did all the wigs for the show, and they're human hair, they're real..."
Craig-"15's grand worth of wig"
Mary-"That's a lot of hair."
Craig-"Lot of hair, lot of hair."
Mary-"Yeah, so when you're doing sword fighting and things like that, you must have been worried about $15,000..."
Craig-"Well, you do forget about it, I'm sure there are 20 other people whose job is to worry about the hair. So they're there combing it out."
Mary-"How did you make those sword fights look really genuine?"
Craig-"Um, lots of practice. And very good stunt doubles. "
Mary-"Ah, is that body doubles?"
Craig-"There was a guy, Morgan, who was taking a lot of my sword work. Well, yeah, I got to do it as well, but he was a million times better than me, so it's all cut in together. We would rehearse, I'd work with him hours and hours and we'd go over the same moves."
Mary-"Very physical?"
Craig-"It was good fun, good excersise."
Mary-"And so you remember all those moves? So if you got stuck in the dark..."
Craig-"Yeah, if someone came at me with a sword, you know, I'd (makes sound of sword slashing)"
Mary-"So it's the real McCoy, what you were doing?"
Craig-"Yeah, yeah, sometimes it was plastic swords, but..."
Mary-"Oh, were they?"
Mary-"And so later in sound do they put the clank, clank, clank in?"
Craig-"Yeah, the clank, clanks in there. It's all pretend Mary."
Mary-"What about Peter?"
Craig-"He's fantastic, genious."
Mary-"He is a genious."
Craig-"And all the actors in New Zealand are now praticing running through the streets screeming as King Kong chases them."
Mary-" I was gonna say. Are you up for King Kong?"
Craig-"I'll look at it, you know, American screeming, running through the streets, I'll do it."
Mary-"Hey, they won't actually need a King Kong prop though, will they?"
Craig-"You know, I think they'll follow the idea of Andy Serkis who played Gollum in Rings. I think they'll do a similar thing."
Mary-"Ah, Ok."
Craig-"Motion capture and CGI."
Mary-"Now let's go from big screen to little. Virtual TV doctor man. Mercy Peak still doing the thing?"
Craig-"Yes, yeah, I think the last show is coming up next week. (they show a clip)Look at that terrible posture Mary (talking about himself as Alistair)"
Mary-"Oh no, you're all right."
Craig-"But we're shooting the next series now and we'll go until September. We're different from when we started, but we, it was a sense before it went to air that we were making something quite special. Thankfully when it did go to air, people were nice about it. So, we love it."
Mary-"Well, it's good."
Craig-"It's good and..."
Mary-"It's good and..."
Craig-"And the scripts are fantastic, it's shot well and..."
Mary-" And you're good."
Craig-"Hm, getting better. You know, it's full of a lot of people who've done the rounds and they've been here and learnt a few skills so, some...it's a really lovely cast to work with. "
Mary-"Excellent. I like it. Keep up the good work. Mercy Peak, fantastic. Nice to see you in your white shoes."
Craig (laughs)
Mary- "And how spunky do you think my boots are?"
Mary-"Out of 10?"
Craig-"I'd give them an eleven."
Mary-"Excellent, perfect, a perfect guest, that's what we call Craig Parker. Hey, thank you."
Craig-"Thank you Mary."
Mary-"All the very best to you my friend."