Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:
Undue influence

A number of Bassett residents seem to be suffering from a rotovirus. Since Nicky is too busy with early-return patients, Alistair is left to tend to them all. William meanwhile is annoyed that Nicky seems to be garnering the glory for getting patients onto the surgical list. Louise is worried about the damage to their budget.

Then Alistair sees Ulrike, a beautiful German woman who has an ear infection - and she asks him out. Alistair finds that Nicky is unconcerned over this, and also that she has another admirer. He decides to go on the date with Ulrike, but with his usual bad luck, Ulrike becomes critically ill. She is suffering from encephalitis. When Clive, an alternative lifestyler, is also ill Alistair begins to suspect a connection between the rotovirus and the storm water outflow at Bassett River Mouth. William however, points out that most of the tummy bug cases are coming from the school at Bassett East.

Alistair investigates and finds that there is a connection: council cost-cutting means that water upgrades in Bassett East were done cheaply. There's an implication that after the heavy rains the sewerage system has overflowed into the water supply. When Alistair does tests on the water at Bassett East School, it causes a furore. Eric Whitelaw and William, both on the council, are unimpressed. Alistair is shocked to realise they were both aware of the possibility that water in Bassett East could become unsafe.

Meanwhile thanks to Nicky's influence, William finds he is about to lose one of his supporters on the District Health Board (DHB). Manu Bishop wants more Maori representation on the board and suggests Arlene McNichol. William is unhappy about this and encourages Arlene to express extreme views in order that she inadvertently sabotages her own acceptance to the Board. Alistair is disgusted at William's game playing. William is annoyed at Alistair's naivety: everything is political.

When Arlene makes a presentation at the DHB, she is in possession of facts about the Bassett water crisis and comes across well. William realises she could only have got this information from Alistair and is angry. Alistair takes great delight in finally getting one over his father. But William has the last laugh. When Ulrike makes a return visit, William takes petty revenge on Alistair by destroying her contact details.

Nicky is surprised when Kieran's wife Amanda presents as a patient. She makes a point of asking for the pill and stressing their active sex life. Nicky is disconcerted. Then Nicky is cornered into joining Amanda's bookclub. Cliff suspects that 'mad' Amanda has plans - and Nicky feels worried. But it seems Amanda's plan is to use Nicky to oust Eric, who's become a bookclub annoyance. Nicky feels bad about hurting Eric, but Amanda continues her campaign to get Nicky on side with an invitation for coffee - and a gift. She returns the painting of Nicky that Kieran purchased at the art auction and makes a heartfelt plea about Kieran. Cliff is delighted that Amanda seems to have got rid of his competition. When Kieran comes to take back his painting, Nicky confronts him with the fact that his relationship with Amanda clearly isn't dead. Kieran insists you can sleep with someone and not love them. Nicky is appalled at his callousness.