Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:

Gil talks to Nicky about the virtues of 'Patience', one of the only Gilbert & Sullivan operas Bassett Operatic has yet to perform. When it turns out he wants Nicky to audition, Nicky turns him down. She thinks Gilbert and Sullivan is very silly.

Then she's called out to Pemberley where Matron has had a fall. Nicky is shocked to find that formidable Matron is actually Gil's mother. She has serious heart problems and cancer. Nicky finds that the reason Gil is performing Gilbert & Sullivan is to give his mother a reason to live. Despite her earlier protestations, she offers her support to Gil's latest production.

When Nicky lobbies for interest in the show, she gets short shrift - even from former opera doyenne Amanda. Nicky is surprised when the first person to turn up at the Operatic auditions is Kieran. He seems to be there for her.

Nicky finds that Matron's cancer is operable, but that she hasn't been informed of the option. She assumes that William has had a hand in the situation - but in fact it's Gil, who fears that his mother will die on the operating table.

William meanwhile is keen for a main role in 'Patience', but he's undercut when his rival, the acknowledged singing star Ross, arrives to take up the lead role.

The operatic crowd go to the pub. Cliff isn't pleased to see Kieran and when the two men begin a game of pool, it soon turns into a challenge. Kieran bets the painting of Nicky on winning a game - and succeeds. Nicky isn't comfortable about being fought over and makes a hasty exit. When Kieran turns up at her door, any pretence he's interested in the painting soon disappears and the couple share a passionate interlude. Nicky is left to ponder the implications of this as Kieran goes home to a sick child and domestic normality. Amanda's interest in Kieran's affair with Nicky is piqued.

A mix-up over picking up Jordan from school leads Dana to fear for her son. Ken finds him and Dana takes out her distress on Todd. When she talks about her fears with Ken, he reveals his own feelings of panic and chaos. Dana sees a new side to him.

Despite William's misgivings, he offers Matron the chance of surgery, which she accepts. Any time is better than never. Nicky is left to tell this to an unhappy Gil.

Nicky is disconcerted when Amanda arrives to claim stake her claim - and the title role of 'Patience'.

Nicky decides the incident with Kieran was a mistake, despite her feelings. He disagrees. He still wants to see Nicky. She feels cheapened by the idea of an affair and rejects him.

Matron leaves for her operation with a rousing chorus from Bassett Operatic. She is indomitable, and survives the surgery.

Nicky is left with her regrets about Kieran.