Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:

Her secret passion

Nicky is called to an emergency at Bassett High, where 13-year-old Hayley is in the final throes of labour. Despite limited experience, Nicky delivers the baby. She also meets the local midwife Rhonda, who doubles as Bassett's hairdresser.

Nicky is keen to keep on-side with William, but wants to follow Hayley's case through. The plan that Hayley's parents will adopt the baby is thrown out when they discover that the baby is brown so the father must be Maori or Polynesian. Nicky starts to share their concerns that Hayley may have been abused in some way. She is not impressed with the social worker, Cliff, who seems to take a very casual attitude to the whole deal.

Fired up, she calls on the help of local cop, Ken. Despite his apparent lack of enthusiasm, he pursues some enquiries, which take him to Kieran Masefield's vineyard where Martin Tiaki works.

Nicky continues to disagree with Cliff, then gets in the middle of a confrontation, where Kieran wants more information on Martin. He gave him a job as a favour to Cliff, but now suspects he has some kind of sexual conviction.

Nicky is rocked to find this is true, but Cliff believes a past rape conviction is not the same as abuse. Nicky is taken to task by William for stirring up trouble. She also feels that he has withheld information relevant to the case.

This fresh information provokes Hayley into a confession, but the answer isn't what Nicky expected. She tracks down the father of Hayley's baby, only to have an ethical dilemma. Should the father be jailed - or is this a genuine relationship? And is the father the one calling the shots or is it young Hayley?

Louise continues her affair with William, but he's upset to find she has been slow to tell him the results of her mammogram and tests. She's booked for a biopsy and William pulls strings to get her in earlier. The possibility of cancer causes her and William to reassess the relationship, but they reach different conclusions. He wants her to leave her husband. Louise ends the affair. William finds that she has had a mastectomy. Alistair misconstrues his upset as echoes of his own mother, who also died of cancer.

Alistair tells Nicky that he knows his father is having an affair, but not who with. Nicky's arrival has caused some speculation that she could be a suitable date for the terminally single Alistair. He dismisses this.