Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:
For the greater good

When a young guy who works at Beckhovens Pork Factory gets his hand trapped in a mincer, Nicky also discovers he is using speed on the job.

The factory owner Eric, is stressed about possible OSH prosecution and knows that some of his workers are using drugs. Nicky suggests something he could do...

William is unimpressed to find that Nicky is organising drug testing for the workers at Beckhovens. William feels that doctors should maintain their objectivity and not take sides. Nicky argues this is an issue of public health and safety, she's trying to be preventative. William lets her go to experience the consequences of her actions...

Dana meanwhile is banking on the overtime from the factory because her boyfriend, Todd works there. They want to buy a house together. Her mother Arlene takes a dim view of Todd and undermines them. Todd is sweating about the drug testing, since he uses both speed and dope. But he decides on a nifty way around the problem and gets Dana's son Jordan to provide the urine for the testing. Dana is unaware of this, but angry with Nicky for siding with the boss. Alistair also disagrees with her.

Nicky starts to feel rather on the outer, although Cliff continues to speak to her, even if only to tease her.

Todd passes his drug test and feels on top of the world. However, another worker Hemi gets the boot when he's discovered to be on drugs to control his epilepsy, a condition he hasn't revealed to his boss. Nicky now feels as though she's let loose a monster.

Todd also has reason to fear when he finds that future drug tests will be observed. This causes him to take a fresh interest in the union. There is now talk that the factory will go on strike. Nicky now finds that she has some popularity, as the reason behind the reunionisation of Beckhovens. Dana however, fears that a strike will jeopardise her house dreams.

Nicky tries to intervene with Eric to call for compromise. As a result, an accord is struck. Todd and Dana get their house. Nicky is not invited to the housewarming, but she also turns down an invitation from Eric's wife to join the tennis club. She has learnt a lesson about taking sides.

She's unpopular, but Cliff doesn't hold it against her.