These are video captures from the special show that aired on NZ TV TWO for the memory of Kevin Smith who passed away February 16, 2002. There are a couple of captures of other friends of Kevin. After the photos is what Craig said on the program.

Craig Parker and Lisa Chappel from Gloss Craig Parker, Daneille Cormack and Lisa Chappel from Gloss. Craig Parker and Daneille Cormack from Gloss. Craig talks about Gloss and Kevin Smith.
Craig reminses about Kev. Craig and Daneille Cormack from Gloss. Kev and Jennifer Ward-Lealand in Desperate Remedies. Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Michael Hurst's wife) talks about Kev.
Joel Tobeck talks about his friend Kev. Michael Hurst talks about Kev. Michael Hurst reminses about Kev. Craig Parker talks about Kev's way of preparing for a Great Comedy Debate.
Craig talks about Kev and Debates. Craig talks more about Kev and the Queenstown 2001 Debate.

Craig on Kevin, from the tribute.

About Gloss:

"I think for both of us it was our first mainstream tele. So we were the new kids and we would go into centerpoint and we'd get these tapes out and we'd watch them in this little tiny room. And we'd watch these things hating them and knowing that in a month's time, this was going to air and we'd be ruined. Our careers will be over."

Craig on Kev at the debates(Queenstown 2001):

"The first debate I did with Kevin, we had all desparetly prepared these things, we were in Queenstown I think. We had quite a late night previous and Kevin arrived and 'ah yeah, it's good, it's good.' Sat down at the table and I said 'what are you gonna talk about?', said, ' ah, don't know, don't know.' And he unflured this crumpled little napkin, that had litterly three lines written on it. (Craig motions as if Kev showed him the napkin)' ah yeah that's good.' I'm thinking, 'Oh God we're sunk. He has no idea what's he's talking about'. And he got up there when it was his turn, spread this thing out on the stand and started and it's a hot theatre and he's sweating and I thought 'Oh God, he's lost it. This is the moment when we see crash and burn. '
(background on the debate: Kev gets up to the podium, lays out the paper on the stand and says nothing for a couple of seconds, allowing Rebecca Hobbs and Craig to chime in," Good Start" and "Great start Kev". Kev starts by saying "Sex is the most important thing in a relationship... Yeah. " and then Kev takes his notes and proceeds to sit back down. Everyone laughs. As Kev goes back up to the podium fustrated he has to explain himself ;) Very funny moment.)
And he started out and we were all thinking 'what's he talking about? He has no idea what he's talking about, there's no logic in this thing...' and then suddenly, everything started making sense. And he grabbed all these bizzare strange tangental ideas and then through the course of his debate, started tying each one of them together. And his final line was totally made up on the spot, is this beautiful thing that wraps everything up together. We are sitting there going, 'You're a God, you're a genious, you're fantastic.' And he'd do this with all his debates, he'd never write them, he'd just take an idea or a couple of ideas and go 'yeah, I'm gonna work on that and that one...'


This Fund is set up by Michael Hurst, Lucy Lawless, Simon Prast and Robert Bruce and the web site is being hosted by Lori Joyce.
(From Lori's web site)The purpose of this trust is to ensure that Kevin's sons, Oscar, Tyrone and Willard, are afforded the proper schooling for their futures, and that they, and Kev's wife Suzanne, are provided for in the way that Kevin would have wanted. The trustees are family, friends and colleagues of Kevin. It is their wish to coordinate, in an official capacity, all efforts in support of Kev's family.

Donations can be sent by mail to our new address at:

Kevin Smith Trust Fund
c/o Robert Bruce Agency
218 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1002