Blame, episode 20

Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:

The opening night of 'Patience' looms - and coincides with the publication of Diane's story in a national magazine. Consequences ensue, when Nicky gets requests for the patient files from Diane's daughter, on behalf of the affected women, and Bruce Strick, on behalf of the District Health Board. William's presence in the cast is causing ructions with cast members affected by the scandal. Louise fears for him, but he seems to have his head in the sand over the whole affair.

Nicky feels caught in the middle, particularly when Louise throws principle to the wind and suggests Nicky could remove evidence of William's involvement from the files. Nicky's tempted, hears the testimony of more people affected by the scandal. Reluctantly, she hands over the files to Bruce Strick - on the condition that he will treat the patients with respect - and protect William. This promise seems hollow when Bruce wants William's resignation from the District Health Board. When Nicky hears of this she feels bad.

Nicky is getting a very strange vibe from Amanda at rehearsals. Alistair is equally mystified when Amanda wants to know if he told Kieran about their affair. He didn't.

Enid is recovering from her suicide attempt. William defends her from Ken's questioning, but Alistair, feeling his own measure of guilt for Arthur's death, has deeper fears. He is sure that if he discharges Enid, she will go straight home and try suicide again. While Enid denies this but he sticks to his guns in order to stop her.

Dana feels aggrieved on behalf of Gus. When she accuses Enid of being selfish and uncaring, Enid escapes. Alistair fears that Enid has gone to kill herself but she has gone to make her peace with Gus. Alistair is full of his own guilt, but Enid promises she won't kill herself - she has made a deal with Gus. But just as all seems resolved, the police come for Enid. Feeling culpable for supplying the drugs that killed Arthur, Alistair decides not to leave. He will stay at least for the trial. William appreciates this and the two men reach some kind of rapprochement. Dana finds out from Ken that she was wrong about Enid - she left Gus everything in her will.

Storm clouds still hang over William. When Ross suggests to Gil that it would be easier not to have William involved in 'Patience', Louise becomes angry. What she doesn't expect is that Ross will come back with the fact that he knows about her affair with William.

There is a record turnout for opening night of 'Patience' - including Diane and supporters and reporters. William's performance is received with catcalls and walkouts.

At the end of all this, Alistair gets propositioned by a sad Amanda; Louise decides not to follow William - even though she is tempted; and Kieran reveals the reason for Amanda's ire is that he has left her because he loves Nicky.