Synopois orginally from TVONE's Web site:
Some kind of madness

William is not coping well with the end of his relationship to Louise.

Uncharacteristically, he becomes something of a stalker and goes to her house to confront her. Louise is adamant that she won't reconsider, but as they conclude the conversation, Louise's husband Ross arrives home unexpectedly. William suspects that Ross has overheard the conversation. The feeling grows stronger when Ross insists on taking William by chopper to see a patient on an outlying farm.

However, en route to this routine callout, Ross sees an injured man in the ranges. William is forced to join him on a tramp through the bush where Ross is holding the machete. The injured young man, Bryce, has shot himself and has a possible spinal injury, but the rescue helicopter is delayed. While they wait, Ross raises the topic of Louise and William is sure that it will end in confrontation. Instead, it seems Ross wants to discuss his relationship with Louise and more particularly, sex.

The conversation is interrupted when Bryce is losing blood pressure. Ross and William are forced to carry the man out before he dies of blood loss. Bryce survives. But as the story seems to be over, Ross admits that when he worried that Louise was having an affair, he suspected William. He jokes it away, but William is left with half a feeling that Ross does know.

Enid is admitted with complications from diabetes and an ulcer. Alistair is very afraid. After her determined opposition to the closure of the old hospital, Enid has been determined never to darken the doors of Mercy Peak and is a very difficult customer. However, when she comes round, because of the infection Enid is delusional and believes she's working back at the old hospital. Louise's agitation over William and Ross causes Alistair to realise that she must be the woman who is having an affair with his father. Alistair also queries a story that Enid tells about the old hospital, but she dismisses any wrongdoing by William. Just as Enid is recovered and about to be discharged, her husband Arthur has a stroke.

Nicky has some time off. She wants to keep life simple and tries to concentrate on yoga. This brings her into contact with Kieran Masefield again, and Gabrielle who works at the bookshop. When Margaret, delusional, wants to fling herself off a garage roof, Nicky finds that Gabrielle is doing some fundraising for ex psych patients. Nicky's wish for simplicity is undone when she poses for Gabrielle, who's a painter and lesbian and involved with Rhonda.

At the art auction to raise money for the psych survivors, there's plenty of competition for the portrait of Nicky, but the successful bidder is Kieran Masefield. Nicky feels very uncomfortable.