The debaters for Queenstown Winter festival 2001 Comedy Debate. Not pictured, Anna Kennedy.

NZ New Idea July 28,2001

Is there sex after babies?

So, is sex the most important part of a relationship? That's the topic debated by the participants in the Great TV3 Comedy Debate, which screens on TV3 at 8:30pm on Thursday July 26. But for MC Theresa Healey, the question was not 'is sex more important in a relationship', but 'is there sex after a baby?'

The radiant former Shortland Street star was making her TV comeback from taking a maternity break. The project she chose was being MC in the fast-paced enviroment of TV3's popular annual debate. She confessed on stage that cracked nipples and post-birth discomfort had left her sex-life wanting. And Theresa light-heartedly asked the panellists for guidance on whether or not she should resume intimate relations with her partner Stephen O'Meagher.

Theresa's baby, four month old Zachary, waited upstairs for his next feed with a babysitter at the Millennium Hotel in Queenstown, where the debate was held during the Queenstown Winter Festival. 'I've only done one debate before', confided Thereas 'and I've never been chairman before. You don't just have to do one thing, it's a lot harder! I haven't been in front of a live audience for a long time but it was fine. They were fantastic speeches, weird and wonderful creativity goin on and the audience seemed to enjoy it.'

Parenthood was amazingly hard too, she added as she headed up to feed Zachary. She says she may take on more work, but is enjoying simply being a mum. The debate panellists teased Theresa as she put the finishing touches on the filming. 'Having that baby's affected your brain' Craig Parker mocked. But he took his fair share of ribbing from the opposing team during the debate, as he declared he was now celibate. Kevin Smith admitted he thought of sex every three minutes, Anna Kennedy said she enjoyed sex anywhere and Ginette McDonald said even rough sex was fine. Oliver Driver and Rebecca Hobbs argued for love over sex.

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